Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 49, Number 3

September 2014

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  • Contents

  • Predicting instability of embankments on soft ground from monitoring data

  • Significance of geosynthetic reinforcement in embankment construction

  • Revisiting the applicability of Voussoir Beam Theory for tunnel design in Sydney

  • Assessment of ground vibration from ground treatment techniques

  • Field observations of retrogressive breach failures at two tidal inlets in Queensland, Australia

  • Prediction of collapse potential for silty glacial sand

  • Ultimate bond stresses from pull out testing of soil nails, Dinnmore to Goodna, South-Eastern Queensland

  • Water content and its effect on a slope failure in Bangladesh

  • An alternative view on geotechnical parameters for tunnel design in Sydney

  • Unfit 24; A commonly used rock strength multiplier compared to sandstone multipliers used in South-Eastern Queensland and North-Eastern New South Wales