Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume G9, Number 1

December 1979

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  • Cover

  • Contents, Editorial, Conferences, Abstracts and Notes

  • An investigation of near surface rock stresses at Copeton Damsite in New South Wales

  • Development of an apparatus for concurrent determination of static and dynamic Young's Moduli of rock cores

  • Engineering classification of rock

  • A method of analysis of the effects of volume change in unsaturated expansive clays on engineering structures

  • Electrolytic transducers as monitoring devices for lateral earth movements in civil engineering works

  • Foundation preparation at Clare Weir by using the vibroflotation process

  • The design and construction of an impervious seal for the Seaham Weir

  • Construction of underground pumping station by diaphragm wall process

  • Preloading soils to improve foundation performance

  • Predicted and measured behaviour of laterally loaded piles for the Westgate Freeway, Melbourne