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Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Ground Anchors and Piling Innovations

Ancorloc & Piling Contractors

Ancorloc (SA) products are used in all situations from low impact installations, including vine end posts and shade sails, up to large complex applications such as securing heavy machinery to factory floors and stabilising power and wind farm towers. An overview of Anchorloc systems and applications will be presented.

Piling Contractors Pty Ltd operates in the resources and infrastructure sectors and areas of project delivery include:

  • Piling options including bored, driven, marine, CFA, Displacement and Blind Shaft sinking.
  • Retention systems including diaphragm walls, prefabricated walls, Cut-off Walls, Contiguous Pile Retaining Walls, Secant Pile Walls, Sheet pile Walls, and Soldier Piles.

Piling Contractors has one of the largest fleets of specialist piling equipment in Australia including:

  • pile driving and bored pile drilling equipment together with ancillary items.
  • over 60 major items of plant including the latest technology in piling equipment comprising Bauer drills, BSP and Junntan hammers, cluster drills and a range of crane mounted drill rigs.

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