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Case Study Of Footing Settlement In Rock Foundation

Ian Hooley

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This presentation will cover the case of some heavy industrial rail footings that were found to be gradually ‘sinking’ into their soft rock foundations. Although the specific site cannot be identified for commercial confidentiality reasons, the nature of the foundation material, construction details, failure mechanisms, testing and successfully implemented remediation work will all be explained. The settlement, which had gradually increased over about 15 years since original construction, was seriously impacting on the plant operations and was ascertained to be at least partly due to ‘slaking durability failure’ of the shale foundations, and the site conditions were found to be conducive to this phenomenon.

About the speaker

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Ian HooleyPrincipal Engineer, Hooley & Associates – Engineering Consulting

Ian Hooley is a Consulting Civil, Structural, Building and Forensic Engineer with 48 years of experience in engineering design, construction and tertiary engineering undergraduate teaching (laterly as a former Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and Information Technology [SEIT], University of New South Wales [UNSW Canberra], Australian Defence Force Academy [ADFA]).

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