Geology and Geomorphology of Bacchus Marsh Region

Neville Rosengren, Honorary Associate, La Trobe University

The geology and geomorphology of the Bacchus Marsh region has been of interest to geologists since the 1860’s, with a wide range of rock types of various ages and depositional environments present. The extraction of natural resources has been an important industry in the area, with brown coal, basalt, sands and gravels worked from the Tertiary formations, and the extraction of minor amounts of gold, antimony ore, dolomite and building sandstone.

Neville will introduce the geology of the Bacchus Marsh region, including the effects of intermittent movement along block faults from Late Palaeozoic to Recent times on present- day drainage and topography. These movements have exposed many of the geological units Engineering Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers encounter beneath the Melbourne area. Neville will also discuss slope stability issues associated with the Tertiary deposits in the Parwan Valley, an area renowned for the intense distribution of complex landslides.

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