Geomechanics Career Presentation

Geosciences Pathway Project

Kelly Sharrad

Currently, 1 in 20 schools in South Australia offer Earth and Environmental Science (EES) to senior secondary students. This is the last opportunity to capture the interest of students before they move into tertiary careers. There has been a noticeable downturn of geoscience graduates in tertiary education and Geoscience Pathways Project (GPP) is addressing this issue by working directly with schools to support the offering of EES as a senior secondary subject. All the work we do is free to schools to remove the barrier of money for an opportunity to learn about the biggest issue young people face, climate change, and explore careers that take action to mitigate the effect of climate change.

About the speaker

Kelly Sharrad Geosciences Pathway Project, Outreach Officer

Kelly Sharrad is a secondary science teacher for Earth and Environmental Science (EES) and the Geoscience Outreach Officer for the not for profit organisation, Geoscience Pathways Project (GPP).  Kelly was involved in the co-writing of the new EES subject back in 2016 and has been teaching the subject since 2017. Her work through GPP has included specialist field workshops for primary and secondary schools, professional development for teachers involving content delivery and ongoing mentoring. Last year, Kelly successfully supported 4 new secondary schools to run EES in 2023.

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