Innovative solutions in Geotechnical Engineering Practice through Data-driven and Computational Methods

Dr Negin Yousefpour

Domination of computational power across all industries have accelerated particularly in the past decade with further development of high-performance and cloud computing, as well as emerging AI and ML methods. This talk will showcase geotechnical applications where data-driven and computational modeling, such as AI and 3D FEM have provided innovative, breakthrough solutions.

Applications that will be discussed include bridge scour forecast and rock post-failure prediction using advanced monitoring data, LS-DYNA modeling for advanced soil-structure interaction analysis of high-speed rail embankments, irregular bridge foundations, and seismic retrofitting of masonry buildings. At the end, benefits and obstacles of integrating these technics in Geotechnical Practice will be discussed.

About the speaker

Dr Negin Yousefpour Doreen Thomas Fellow in Infrastructure Department at University of Melbourne, Senior Engineer at ARUP

Dr Negin Yousefpour is a Doreen Thomas Fellow in Infrastructure Department at University of Melbourne where she has been leading collaborative, interdisciplinary research on computational geotechnics, applied AI/ML, probabilistic methods, and performance simulations of complex geo-structural systems. Negin also holds a senior engineer appointment with Arup, where she has been involved in design consulting, technical developments, and delivery of a wide range of projects across the US, UK, Europe, and Australia in infrastructures, building, energy and advanced technology and research sectors since 2014.

As an early career researcher, Negin has been developing innovative ideas/solutions for some of the critical issues in infrastructure and geotechnical engineering practice, such as bridge scour, internal erosion in dams, offshore geohazards, geomaterials failure predictions, geo-structural systems under extreme events, in active collaboration with the industry, academia and government partners within Australia, UK, US and Canada.”

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