Is selecting a TBM a puzzle?

Tony Peach & Andrew Campbell

Members of Melbourne Group and visitors are invited to attend our Technical Session on the puzzle of characterising ground conditions for, and selection, of a suitable TBM. The Technical Session will consist of two presentations. The first presentation by Andrew Campbell will outline the geological and geotechnical issues that affect tunnel design and construction methodology.

This will be followed immediately by a presentation by Tony Peach covering a structured approach to the elimination and subsequent selection process normally undertaken in selecting a TBM. The machine types covered will include OPEN HARD-ROCK, EPB, and SLURRY. The parameters that cause the decision process that lead to the selection of one of the aforementioned types of TBM versus another will be discussed.

Engineers Australia members participating in AGS technical sessions can record attendance on their personal CPD logs. Members should refer to Engineers Australia CPD policy for details on CPD types, requirements and auditing guidelines.