New Approaches to Driven Pile Acceptance

Dr Julian Seidel

About the presentation

This presentation will be in two parts. The first part relates to a driven pile project in which the world’s largest pile driving hammer is being used. This part will highlight the uncertainties of prediction of pile driving behaviour and the differences between driving piles ‘on paper’ and ‘in practice’, and draw some learnings from this project. The second part relates to Julian’s recent research findings into developing reliable ways to predict the capacity of untested piles using advanced analysis and testing methods.

About Dr Julian Seidel

Julian has 38 years professional experience as a geotechnical engineer specialising in deep foundations, with particular expertise in pile dynamics and rock socketed piles. Julian has been employed as a senior engineer with general and specialist geotechnical and foundation engineering consultants, a government road authority, a specialist deep foundation contractor, and at University as senior lecturer and researcher. His broad and extensive experience makes Julian uniquely placed to advise on the planning, commissioning, design, installation and verification of structural foundations, with a focus on efficiency and constructability. He has developed a strong reputation in industry for providing practical and state-of-the-art expert advice on projects in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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