New Piling Code AS 2159-2009

Slav Tchepak & Tom George

Do you know the implications of the new piling code?

The new piling code ‘AS 2159-2009 : Piling – Design and installation’ was released in November 2009. The revised Code will incorporate some major rethinking in respect of pile design and testing, which is expected to require significant changes from consultants and piling contractors.

We are fortunate that some of the code committee are based in Victoria and will outline the more significant changes in the new Code.

Our speakers are as follows:

Slav Tchepak, Vibro-pile’s Chief Engineer, who will talk on the changes to the piling code from a geotechnical perspective

followed by:

Tom George who is the National Engineering Manager for Wagstaff Piling Chief Engineer, Vibro-pile who will talk on the changes to the piling code from a structural perspective

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