Advances in Piling Techniques and Design

Slav Tchepak

The introduction of limit state analyses has required that all pile designs include calculations not only for geotechnical strength but also for serviceability. This has resulted in more rigorous calculations that in turn have forced the geotechnical profession to consider pile performance in a more thoroughly and has led to a better understanding of pile performance.

The presentation will provide examples of pile performance of various pile types, highlighting the differences in performance of displacement and non-displacement piles.

The importance of various aspects of quality of pile construction and the consequences to pile design and performance will briefly be discussed.

The requirements for pile testing are playing increasingly important roles in pile design. Relatively recent developments in pile testing procedures will be presented.

Developments in piling equipment and piling products have provided the piling industry with a greater range of products and less restrictions on piling capabilities. Selected examples of these developments will be presented.

Speaker biography

Slav Tchepak, Technical Director, Vibropile Pty Ltd. Over his 40 years of experience in the geotechnical field the author has had the fortune of experiencing numerous aspects of piling work. Some of these experiences are not possible to be experienced by geotechnical engineers in today’s environment. This presentation will highlight some of these aspects, focusing on design, testing and construction.

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