The Holdfast Shores Development at Glenelg – Geotechnical Aspects – Onshore and Offshore

Bob Boorman, Doug Smart, and Dr Peter Mitchell

The development, currently under construction, includes large breakwaters to create a safe harbour for the Kangaroo Island fast ferry and new marina berths; about 150 apartments and penthouses; new hotel and tourist accommodation; a marina pier with restaurants, shops and taverns; a key; and a mixed recreational area. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2001. The predicted cost, including an associated development at West Beach, is $140 million. The presentation will include a description of the project, with particular emphasis on its geotechnical aspects both onshore and offshore. The coastal engineering aspects of the project will also be discussed, including the numerical and physical modelling done for the design of the proposed breakwaters, and an outline of the proposed sand management systems to be installed to mitigate the interruption of the natural longshore sand drift by the breakwaters.

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