Assessment of ground vibration from ground treatment techniques

Richard Moyle and David Airey


The choice of ground treatment methodology is often dictated by issues such as noise, vibration, dust and other such impacts on the surrounding environment. This paper presents a collection of vibration monitoring data from Australian projects and published data. The intent of this paper is to assist in the initial consideration of various ground treatment methodologies on the surrounding environment.

Based on the results of recent vibration monitoring and a review of other published data, a revised formula is presented for estimating ground vibrations. Empirical constants are also provided to allow initial estimates of ground vibrations borne from different ground improvement techniques.

Based on the research presented herein, in order to have ground vibrations less than 10mm/sec the typical distances from various ground treatment methods are as follows:

  • Conventional Earthworks (large dozer) – 1 metre offset
  • Piling – 16 m offset
  • Impact Compaction – 18 m offset
  • Dynamic Replacement – 48 m offset and
  • Dynamic Compaction – 70 m offset.