Engineers Australia

Introduction to the “LRM Case Histories” Issue of Australian Geomechanics

Andrew Leventhal


It is with pleasure that the AGS Landslide Risk Management sub-committee welcomes you to this issue of Australian Geomechanics.

This is a special issue presenting case histories that demonstrate the application of Landslide Risk Management (LRM), employing methods based on the use of the concepts and guidelines provided in AGS (2000) and then enhanced by the suite of papers collectively known as AGS (2007).

This edition of Australian Geomechanics is intended to complement the LRM Roadshow Seminar series delivered between March and June 2011 at venues around the nation. This edition includes case histories that were developed for the Roadshow, and provides more case histories than were individually presented at each of the seminars.

LRM is an on-going initiative of the Australian Geomechanics Society, under the aegis of the National Committee.