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Hutchinson 2021 Glossop Lecture to IAEG Australasia

Professor D. Jean Hutchinson

August 26, 2021Glossop Lecture

Building slope process models considering engineering geology: Extending our understanding, interpretation and communication of instability using remotely sensed data.

The lecture delivers an important message about the power of using remote sensing data to understand the details of rock slope processes and the latest physics engines, also used in game development, to forecast and simulate future rockfalls. Applications of machine learning techniques enhances our understanding of the data but doesn’t provide irrefutable truth, and that the industry needs to continue to understand the engineering geology conditions and implications.

The Glossop Lecture is the most prestigious lecture given to the Engineering Group of the Geological Society of London, and recipients of the honour are considered to be technical experts in the field of Engineering Geology, are actively engaged with the Engineering Geology community, and have made a significant contribution to advancing the cause and science of Engineering Geology.

The original lecture, given in 2019, is available on YouTube.