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Meeting27/06/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Newcastle
Meeting28/06/2017AGS NSW Research Award 2017
for Research in Geotechnical Eng...
Meeting28/06/2017AGS NSW Research Award 2017
for Research in Geotechnical Eng...
Meeting04/07/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Perth
Meeting05/07/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Adelaide
Meeting06/07/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Hobart
Meeting11/07/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Melbourne
Meeting11/07/2017Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Evening Seminar &
Meeting12/07/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Sydney
Meeting13/07/20172015 E.H. Davis Memorial Lecture – Brisbane
Meeting24/07/2017Richard Cavagnaro Award and Young Geotechnical Professional’s N...
Meeting07/08/2017Geosurveys innovation
Meeting09/08/2017Bushfire and Landslide
Meeting09/08/2017Technical Presentation
Meeting21/08/2017An evening at Broons Centre of Excellence in Rolling Dynamic Comp...
Meeting12/09/2017Insights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise
Meeting13/09/2017Insights from the Ballina bypass prediction exercise
Meeting14/09/2017Follow up on Ballina embankment prediction symposium
Meeting18/09/2017Ballina Bypass – Soft soil numerical prediction symposium o...
Meeting11/10/2017RMS Geotechnical Challenges and Opportunities
Meeting19/10/2017AGS QLD Symposium 2017
Meeting25/10/2017AGS VIC Symposium 2017 – Call for Abstracts
Meeting07/11/2017Natural hazards, risk, and the resilience of transportation infra...
Meeting08/11/2017Jack Morgan Young Geotechnical Practitioners Award 2017 Presentat...
Meeting10/11/20172017 Sydney Symposium, Geotechnical innovations and challenges fo...
Meeting06/12/20172017 Vic Chapter AGM, Annual Dinner and Guest Speaker
Meeting13/12/2017Geotechnical Q&A

Recent updates

AGS not deterred – will bid again to bring the International Conference to Sydney in 2021

ICSMGE 2021 - A Geotechnical Discovery Down Under

The Australian Geomechanics Society will again bid to host the International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. Having narrowly missed out on the 2017 conference to South Korea we are confident that our experience of the bid process will place us in a strong position to bring the quadrennial conference to Sydney in 2021.

The conference brings significant technical and commercial benefits. The 2013 conference in Paris attracted over 1,600 delegates including many of the world’s leading geotechnical practitioners. We would love our members to benefit from this experience in Australia.

Our bid was officially launched at the International Conference on Environmental Geotechnics in Melbourne in November 2014. The host city will be decided at the 2017 conference.

If you would like to help on our bid team please contact Graham Scholey, We need people with lobbying skills, logistics expertise and people who know influential people in the geotechnical world globally!

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