Engineers Australia

Honorary Life Members


Dear Members,

I am delighted to be sending you this email to announce the award of honorary life membership of the AGS to 15 exceptional geotechnical professionals. These individuals have each played a significant part in supporting the geotechnical profession in Australia. Their contributions and accomplishments are presented in the June issue of the Australian Geomechanics Journal, so look out for this in your mailbox in the next few weeks. Also presented in the June AG Journal is an explanation of the honorary life membership criteria and process.

The Inaugural AGS Honorary Life Members are:

  • Professor Harry Poulos
  • Emeritus Professor John Carter
  • Max Ervin
  • Andrew Leventhal
  • Professor Ted Brown
  • Professor Mark Jaksa
  • Professor Mark Randolph
  • Dr Peter Mitchell
  • Dr Bill Bamford
  • Dr Philip Pells
  • Patrick MacGregor
  • Professor Ian Johnston
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Garry Mostyn
  • Dr Fred Baynes
  • Dr Chris Haberfield

I offer my warmest congratulations to the individuals listed above and thank them for their extraordinary contributions to Australian Geotechnics. The introduction of honorary life membership in this, the 50th anniversary year of the AGS, is fitting, as we reflect on the remarkable achievements of the AGS over this time and the advancements made in geotechnics in Australia. The Inaugural Honorary Life Members will be recognised in person at 50th anniversary celebrations to be held by the AGS chapters in the coming months.

It is the intention of the AGS to continue to honour valued contributors in this way over the coming years.

Best regards

Nina Levy
National Chair of Australian Geomechanics Society