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Call for nominations — AGS Practitioner Award and D.H. Trollope Medal


The Australian Geomechanics Society is calling on members for nominations for the AGS Practitioner Award and the D.H. Trollope Medal.

AGS Practitioner Award

This biennial award recognises contributions of the highest order over an extended period with a commitment to the geotechnical profession in Australia and the Australian Geomechanics Society.


Nominations should be made by at least three persons (not necessarily members) to the Secretary of the National Committee of the Society following a call for submissions in Australian Geomechanics. Nominations must be accompanied by a comprehensive supporting document.

AGS Practitioner Award Nomination Form

D.H. Trollope Medal

The Trollope Medal is awarded to the author of an outstanding paper on either theoretical or applied geomechanics. The work reported in the paper must have been undertaken in Australia by an author under 35 years of age and can have been published anywhere in the world in the previous four years. The nominated author must have been primarily responsible for the work and would normally be the principal author of the paper.


The nomination can be made by any member of the Society. The nomination requires the approval of the author and should be accompanied by two copies of the paper. The nomination is to be accompanied by an electronic (disk or USB) copy of the Doctoral thesis, which will be returned following the selection process.

The nominations should be forwarded to the Secretary of the National Committee following a call for submissions in Australian Geomechanics Journal. Nominations will be called every two years, normally in the alternate year to the EH Davis Memorial Lecture.

D.H. Trollope Medal Nomination Form