277th IAEG Connector


The latest issue of the IAEG Connector is available online.

Welcome to the 277th IAEG Connector, the electronic newsletter connecting environmental and engineering geologists around the world!

Our congress in Chengdu, China is now over! It was very successful. We have four more photos today and for the next three issues of the IAEG Connector we will have more photos and a summary of the many decisions made at the congress.

There are many geodisasters happening around the world. The major event this week was the huge earthquake in Afghanistan where over 2000 people have died. Many geologists believe that the world’s most dangerous volcano is just outside of Napoli, Italy where over a million people live, and Campi Flegrei volcano seems to be coming back to life. Our Italian friends are very busy preparing. Two quakes in Nepal caused more landslides and there is also a discussion of the dams that broke in Libya.