280th IAEG Connector


The latest issue of the IAEG Connector newsletter is available online.

Welcome to the 280th IAEG Connector, the electronic newsletter connecting environmental and engineering geologists around the world!

Our first article with photos shows how active our YEG group is in IAEG. They had a very active congress in Chengdu! Congratulations to the leadership for all of their successes! We also have a Minex meeting in London coming up this month. We also noted that there were some emails sent to members supposedly from our president, but they were only phishing (not true).

Our congress in Chengdu, China is now over! It was very successful. For the next two issues of the IAEG Connector we will have more photos and a summary of the many decisions made at the congress.

Many geodisasters happened in the last two weeks. We note landslides in Bhutan, Utah (U.S.), India and New York (U.S.).