283rd IAEG Connector


The latest issue of the IAEG Connector newsletter is available online.

For the next couple of weeks we will be summarizing some of the big news items from our congress in Chengdu! The first thing that we want to highlight is we elected two new honorary members of IAEG in Chengdu! Dr. Giorgio Lollino and Dr. Paolo Allasia of Italy were both given honorary memberships in IAEG, one of our highest honors. Their photos and their reasons for these honors are listed below their photos. Both were heavily involved in the development of our website, among other things! 

Many news items from around the world are also covered. In Iceland earthquakes and possible volcanic eruptions are threatening a village of 3500 and the country’s most famous tourist attraction, the Blue Lagoon. A huge tunnel collapse in India is leading to the rescue of over 40 workers who are still trapped underground. Significant landslides in the United Kingdom (Wales and Isle of Wight) are discussed. Over 400 earthquakes have been detected recently under Mt. St. Helens in the United States – is it coming back to life?