286th IAEG Connector


The latest issue of the IAEG Connector newsletter is available online.

Our organization has two major projects going on right now — first, we are looking into increasing the membership of our already very active YEG group. Second, we are also looking for nominations for the first person to become the Paul Marinos Distinguished World Lecturer.

We have lots of geodisasters happening around the world! Major landslides on the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom), Tanzania, and Seattle, Washington are highlighted. There is a great article about Jakarta, Indonesia sinking very fast. The great news, though, comes from India where the 41 workers in the tunnel with the collapsed entrance have been recovered!

The next two weeks we will have a different format for the IAEG Connector. The office staff of Multiview (the organization that produces this newsletter) have a two week holiday the last two weeks of December. The next two issues of the IAEG Connector will come out with a summary of the most downloaded news articles for the year from the IAEG Connector. Next week, it will have numbers 11-20 and the Dec. 27 issue will have the top ten most downloaded articles.