289th IAEG Connector


The latest issue of the IAEG Connector is available online.

Welcome to the 289th IAEG Connector, the electronic newsletter connecting environmental and engineering geologists around the world!

Our home office for IAEG, which is in China, has produced one of the best newsletters ever. It is Newsletter 4 and the link is at the beginning of the newsletter. Congratulations to our staff! We have put the table of contents here and the link to the newsletter so you can view the different parts! Two important news items from the newsletter are the membership totals and the removal of four commissions due to inactivity.

We have lots of geodisasters happening around the world! Major landslides happened in Greenland and Scotland. There was a glacial outburst flood in India, coastal erosion in England, an article on frost quakes, and information on volcanoes in Japan, Andes, and Tonga. Also, we had a major deadly earthquake in Japan.