Call for Nominations of VP-YEG Officer of IAEG for Term 2024-2026


This is a call for nominations for the position of Vice President of the Young Engineering Geologist (YEG) group of the IAEG for the 2024-2026 term of office. This is a new position, which was created by Council at their meeting in Chengdu, China in September 2023 and replaces the former position of YEG Chair.

The YEG group was established to promote the interest of those members of the IAEG who are under 40 years old. The VP-YEG will provide leadership for this group and represent them on the Executive Committee.

Nominations can be made by any member of the Executive Committee or by any member of the IAEG through their National/Regional Group representative. Nominees must be younger than 40 years old on the 1 January 2024.

The procedure for election of this position will be according to Section 4 of the Bylaws of the IAEG current at the time of the Council meeting.

Nominations for this position must be received by the Secretary General not later than the 1st June, 2024 and should contain:

  1. A formal nomination letter signed by IAEG National/Regional Group representative or member of the Executive Committee;
  2. A CV of the candidate, highlighting any activities which make them suitable for this position;
  3. A statement from the candidate outlining their plans and goals for carrying out this position.

For more detailed information please refer to IAEG Bylaws and the IAEG Website.