45th ISRM Online Lecture, 13 March 2024 — Dr. Jonny Rutqvist


The 45th ISRM online lecture will be delivered by Dr. Jonny Rutqvist, from USA. The lecture title is: “Coupled Processes Modeling in Energy Geosciences”. It will be broadcast on March 21st at 10 A.M. GMT, from the Online Lecture’s page.

Dr. Jonny Rutqvist is a Senior Scientist and Head of Hydrogeology Department, Energy Geosciences Division, at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, California. He holds a PhD degree in Engineering Geology from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. For over 30 years, Dr. Rutqvist’s research has been focused on geomechanics and modeling of coupled thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, and chemical (THMC) processes in geological media. He developed the TOUGH-FLAC simulator for coupled multiphase fluid flow, thermal and mechanical processes analysis from the late 1990s. Since then the simulator has been further improved by himself and collaborators for a wide range of challenging geoscientific and geoengineering applications, including geologic carbon sequestration, nuclear waste disposal, geothermal energy extraction and underground energy storage.

Dr. Rutqvist is President of the ISRM Commission on Coupled Thermal-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Fractured Rock. He has authored over 250 peer-reviewed journal papers and is a four-time recipient of the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) Awards.

The lecture will remain online. As usual, the attendees can ask questions to the lecturer by e-mail during the subsequent five days. All online lectures are available on this page.