Call for Nominations — IAEG Hans Cloos Medal 2024


The Hans Cloos medal, awarded biannually, is the senior award presented by IAEG, given to an engineering geologist of outstanding merit in commemoration of the “founder of geomechanics”. The recipient should therefore be a person of international repute who has made a major contribution to engineering geology.

The candidate should be member of IAEG. Nominations will normally be made by National/Regional Group but members of the Executive Committee and Council may also propose individuals.

Nominations deadline: 30th of April 2024
Nominations should be sent to the IAEG Secretary General

For more information please see the IAEG website.
Please refer to Bylaws Part E. Awards and Prizes.

About the Hans Cloos Medal

In Sydney in 1976, in accordance with a proposal made by Richard Wolters, the IAEG council agreed to establish a commemorative medal, the ‘Hans Cloos Medal’, awarded to an engineering geologist of outstanding merit in commemoration of the ‘founder of geomechanics’. Richard Wolters’ vision was that the medal, “…should clearly testify that engineering geology is rooted in geology and that it is a specific offspring of this great discipline. Secondly, and with a view to the philosophy of the scientist who passed away 25 years ago, the medal should be a compass to guide the spirit within the IAEG, our work and human bonds by which we are united.”

Hans Cloos is regarded as one of the main contributors to the development of modern structural geology and geomechanics; he had a significant influence at the time. He made careful field observations and sketches of structures and lithological relationships as well as outstanding 3-dimensional interpretations of regional geological structures and landforms. He recognised the manner in which large-scale structural deformation leaves a fingerprint in the form of small-scale structures, indicating the direction and style of tectonic translation.

The Hans Cloos Medal has become the most prestigious award of the IAEG on scientific grounds. The medal is conferred upon an engineering geologist who has gained international recognition and merit for their contribution to the development and advancement of engineering geology and is made every two years (at most), on the occasions of the international congress of the IAEG and of the International Geological Congress.