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AGS VIC Symposium 2017 – Call for Abstracts


Call for abstracts

The Victorian chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) is pleased to propose a symposium titled “Reactive clays and light structures” to be held on 25 October 2017. The event will be held in Melbourne and will bring together geotechnical and other civil engineering professionals to meet, share and discuss their knowledge and experiences related reactive clays and structures designed within them.

The Event

The reactive soils of the Melbourne region form a large portion of its complex and variable geology. In particular, the basaltic volcanics situated to the north and west of Melbourne, which cover some 40% of the Melbourne region present numerous geotechnical challenges, particularly for lightly loaded structures.

Light structuresThe geotechnical design and behaviour of lightly loaded structures on reactive soils is one aspect of geotechnical engineering where the public tend to have greater awareness, which is often not the case for the variety of soil and rock mechanics problems geotechnical engineers deal with. This is often borne out through their experience with their own residence, and rightly or wrongly, this contributes greatly to the public’s perception of the geotechnical profession.

This symposium will deal with a variety of geotechnical challenges associated with reactive soils including residential slabs and footings and other lightly loaded structures, retaining walls, road, pavements and other sensitive infrastructure that interact with reactive soils.

This symposium will bring together practitioners from consulting, construction and academia to share and discuss their experiences on the topic of reactive soils and their related geotechnical applications. Best practices, case histories and innovative solutions for dealing with these challenges will be presented and discussed, with a particular emphasis on the geotechnical issues affecting the Melbourne region and regional areas of Victoria.

Theme and sub themes

The followings are some suggested topics for this Symposium:

  • Understanding unsaturated soil behaviour and foundation soil-structure interaction.
  • Implementation and suggested improvements of AS2870.
  • The local Melbourne clays, their properties and behaviour.
  • Design of structures in reactive soils, including designing in Class P sites.
  • The impact of vegetation and past and present land use for sites with reactive soils.
  • Pavement and subgrade design for expansive soils.
  • Interesting geotechnical case studies relating sites with reactive soils.


The Victorian AGS committee chapter invites local and national practitioners to submit abstracts on a topic related to reactive clays and light structures. Abstracts should be prepared using the registration form, be not more than 300 words and sent to Daniel King ( by 26 May 2017 for consideration by the organising committee.

Successful nominations will be selected based on the quality and relevance of the abstract and will be invited to submit a 6 page paper for presentation at the symposium.  There are 12 speaker presenters available in addition to the keynote speakers. We encourage submissions from the geotechnical engineering profession as well as academia. The successful papers will be published in the symposium proceedings which will be provided to attendees.


The cost of the symposium is to be confirmed. Presenters will enjoy free entry to the symposium with discounts for co-authors.

Important dates and submission

Abstracts are to be submitted by
Friday 26 May 2017

Authors will be notified of acceptance of abstracts by
Friday 2 July 2017

Full papers are to be submitted by
Friday 25 August 2017

Authors will be notified of acceptance of papers by
Friday 15 September 2017

Final paper submission and early bird registration deadline
Friday 29 September 2017

Abstract submission

Please submit a word document with the following information for abstract submission:

Authors’ full names
e.g. Bob. A Smith, David, S. Smith.
(font type: Times New Roman, font style: regular, font size: 10)
* Please underline the presenting author

Authors’ full affiliation
Position, name of company/university, email address and contact number.
(font type: Times New Roman, font style: regular, font size: 10)

Title of paper, maximum 100 characters.
(font type: Times New Roman, font style: bold, font size: 12)

Abstract text, maximum 300 words.
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Further information

For further information please contact the Chair of the organising committee:

Daniel King
Golder Associates
Building 7, Botanicca Corporate Park
570 – 588 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121
Phone: +61 3 8862 3714


The organising committee is also looking for potential sponsors of the symposium, interested parties should send through an EOI to Daniel King by 26 May 2017.

Engineers Australia members participating in AGS technical sessions can record attendance on their personal CPD logs. Members should refer to Engineers Australia CPD policy for details on CPD types, requirements and auditing guidelines.