Honorary Life Members

One of the ways that the National Committee chose to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Australian Geomechanics Society, was exercising a previously unused provision in our constitution (Clause 9.2e) to recognise some of our outstanding AGS members, by bestowing the first ever round of Life Membership awards.

Identification of nominees

The selection of potential life members from 50 years of significant member contributions is a formidable task, and considerable thought and discussion went into how we should comprehensively and impartially identify the appropriate pool of nominees to consider.

We felt it was not appropriate to seek self-nominations and we decided against putting out an open call to the membership to make nominations. It was noted that those in the best position to identify the significant contributions of individuals were probably the same group of individuals that would be considered, so we chose to ask a selection of our most distinguished and senior members to nominate candidates from among their peers, with self-nominations strictly excluded. Around 20 senior members were invited to nominate up to 5 of their peers for life member consideration.

Initially, those consulted comprised the group of senior members who had been invited to write project contributions for the 50th Anniversary book, and this list was increased by adding other senior members to more broadly represent the wider AGS stakeholder interests of engineering geology and rock mechanics. At the end of this consultation process, 23 potential awardees had been identified. Two additional names were added to the list by the committee before the committee was satisfied that the list was appropriate to account fairly and comprehensively for the first 50 years of the AGS.

Assessment criteria

Before commencing our deliberations, the committee discussed how we should interpret and apply the criteria. It was recognised that each nominee considered would present a unique case for consideration so our approach would need to be flexible and adaptable. Rather than defining a set of strictly applied criteria, or a rigorous scoring matrix, we opted for a set of sound guiding principles. The following general principles were agreed upon and adopted.


Fifteen inaugural Honorary Life Member recipients were identified in 2019. The committee were unanimous on the outcomes.

The inaugural AGS Honorary Life Members (in alphabetical order) are:

Life memberships were conferred as part of the AGS 50th anniversary activities.

Future Life Members

Having now started the practice of conferring life memberships, there is no reason to wait another 50 years to select the next recipients, and indeed, it would be unreasonable to do so. However, whilst the process described above was appropriate and necessary to adequately recognise the outstanding achievements of 50 years of our members, it would not be suitable as an ongoing process. The committee discussed how future nominees for life membership should be assessed, and agreed on the following.

Honorary Life Members