The Australian Geomechanics Journal Award

This award recognises the authors of the best paper published in Australian Geomechanics in each calendar year.

Basis of the award

The editor of Australian Geomechanics in consultation with the editorial panel will recommend the nominated paper.


A sub-committee consisting of the Chair, Deputy Chair and Immediate Past Chair of the AGS National Committee, and the editor of Australian Geomechanics will make the final decision.


The paper will be presented at the local chapter where the author(s) reside. The award, in the form of a framed certificate, will be presented by the most senior National Committee member available.

Past winners

Year Awardees Reference Download
2022 Andrew Hunter, Phil Flentje and Alan Moon Andrew Hunter, Phil Flentje and Alan Moon (2022). Bulli Pass Landslide Risk Management Part 1 – Hazard Assessment, Australian Geomechanics, 57(3), pp. 97-113 pdf
2021 Helen Baxter-Crawford Helen Baxter-Crawford (2021). Lithological Character and Structural Geology of the Cooks River Area with Focus on the M8 Tunnels, Australian Geomechanics, 56(4), pp. 75-95 pdf
2020 Neil Bar, Michael Kostadinovski, Michael Tucker, Glen Byng, Rully Rachmatullah, Arturo Maldonado, Markus Pötsch, Andreas Gaich, Alison McQuillan and Thamer Yacoub Neil Bar, Michael Kostadinovski, Michael Tucker, Glen Byng, Rully Rachmatullah, Arturo Maldonado, Markus Pötsch, Andreas Gaich, Alison McQuillan and Thamer Yacoub (2020). Pit slope failure evaluation in near real-time using UAV photogrammetry and 3D limit equilibrium analysis, Australian Geomechanics, 55(2), pp. 33-47 pdf
2019 Andrew Leventhal & Tim Hull Andrew Leventhal & Tim Hull (2019). Unsaturated free-standing mainline railway embankments – Part 2: An example of handling the awkward truth, Australian Geomechanics54(2), pp. 65-80 pdf
2018 Tharindu Abeykoon, Chaminda Gallage, Biyanvilage Dareeju and Jessica Trofimovs Tharindu Abeykoon, Chaminda Gallage, Biyanvilage Dareeju and Jessica Trofimovs (2018). Real-time monitoring and wireless data transmission to predict rain-induced landslides in critical slopes, Australian Geomechanics, 53(3), pp. 61-76. pdf
2017 Kim F. Chan and Tim S. Hull Kim F. Chan and Tim S. Hull (2016). 20 years of monitoring a Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall supporting a bridge abutment, Australian Geomechanics, 52(2), pp. 33-42. pdf
2016 David Oliveira and Loges Paramaguru D.A.F. Oliveira and L. Paramaguru (2016). Laminated rock beam design for tunnel support, Australian Geomechanics, 51(3), pp. 1-17. pdf
Corrigendum pdf
2015 Geoffrey Cocks, Ross Keeley, Colin Leek, Paul Foley, Tom Bond, Andrew Cray, Philip Paige-Green, Stephen Emery, Russell Clayton, Doug McInnes and Les Marchant Cocks G., Keeley, R., Leek, C., Foley, P., Bond, T., Cray, A., Paige-Green, P., Emery, S., Clayton, R., McInnes, D. and Marchant, L. (2015). The use of naturally occurring materials for pavements in Western Australia, Australian Geomechanics, 50(1), pp. 43-106. pdf
2014 Darren Paul, Stephen Barrett, Paul Stewart and Michael Webster Paul, D., Barrett, S., Stewart, P. and Webster, M. (2014). The engineering geological evolution of the Jolimont Valley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australian Geomechanics, 49(2), pp. 15-30. pdf
2013 N.N.S. Yapage, D.S. Liyanapathirana, C.J. Leo, H.G. Poulos and R.B. Kelly Yapage, N.N.S., Lyyanapathirana, D.S., Leo, C.J., Poulos, H.G. and Kelly, R.B. (2013). Towards the development of a new design guideline for geosynthetic reinforced column supported embankments, Australian Geomechanics, 48(3), pp. 35-50. pdf
2012 Peter Stone Stone, P.C. (2012). Landslide impacts on the South Coast Railway during the 1988-90 El Nino event, Australian Geomechanics, 47(1), pp 79-110. pdf
2011 Dr W.S. Kaggwa and Dr Y.L. Kuo Kaggwa, W.S. and Kuo, Y.L. (2011). Probabilistic techniques in geotechnical modelling – Which one should you use?, Australian Geomechanics, 46(3), pp 21-28. pdf
2010 Dr Sri T. Srithar Sritar, S.T. (2010). Settlement characteristics of Coode Island silt, Australian Geomechanics, 45(1), pp 55-64. pdf
2009 Andrew Hunter and Marc Hendrickx Hunter, A. and Hendrickx, M. (2009). Rope access methods in slope risk assessment and remediation, Australian Geomechanics, 44(2), pp 1-10. pdf
2008 Dr Brian C Burman, Garry Mostyn and David Piccolo Burman, B.C., Mostyn, G. and Piccolo, D. (2008). Experiences with post-construction retesting of engineered clay fills, Australian Geomechanics, 43(4), pp 1-30. pdf
2007 Eric Hudson-Smith and Michael Grinceri Hudson-Smith, E. and Grinceri, M. (2007). Ground conditions and building protection for the New MetroRail City Project, Perth, Australian Geomechanics, 42(3), pp 33-58. pdf
2006 Dr Peter Mitchell Mitchell, P.W. (2006). Pile design for liquefaction effects, Australian Geomechanics, 41(4), pp 47-56. pdf
2005 Stephen Fityus, Greg Hawkins, Mark Delaney and Steven Morton Fityus, S., Hawkins, G., Delaney, M. and Morton, S. (2005). An overview of Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Challenges in the Newcastle Region, Australian Geomechanics, 40(1), pp 5-28. pdf
2004 Ray Hatley Hatley, R.K. (2004). Hydrogeology of the Botany Basin, Australian Geomechanics, 39(3), pp 73-90. pdf
2004 Patrick K. Wong Wong, P.K. (2004). Ground improvement case studies – Chemical lime piles and dynamic replacement, Australian Geomechanics, 39(2), pp 47-60. pdf
2003 Ray Gordon Gordon, R. (2003). Coastal limestones, Australian Geomechanics, 38(4), pp 7-24. pdf

The first award was made in 2005 for papers published in 2003. Two papers published in 2004 received the award.