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Applied Landslide Risk Assessment – 3 Day Field Course

Field Course is fully subscribed

Aims of the course

The principal objective of this course is to teach students the fundamentals of landslide risk assessment and how to collect information and make observations in the field to support effective landslide risk assessments. The teaching method is based on examples and guided field exercises, in which the students learn by carrying out realistic project related work in the classroom and/or field whilst being supervised by very experienced practitioners.

Students who complete the course should be able to achieve the following:

Field Course

  • Communicate more successfully with other professionals, involved in landslide engineering and landslide risk management.
  • Develop effective field techniques for mapping and observing landslides.
  • Recognise a variety of landslide types and identify landslide hazards.
  • Observe and understand the geological and geomorphological features associated with landslides, record them on maps and develop different types of geological models for a project area with a landslide problem.
  • Understand landslide mechanisms, processes and process rates and estimate the probability of landslide processes and consequences occurring.
  • Identify elements at risk from landslide.
  • Form judgements on what might be regarded as reasonable inputs into a landslide risk assessment using AGS 2007 or similar guidelines.

Who should attend

This course is designed for geologists and engineers involved in landslide engineering and landslide risk management. It is envisaged that participants will have some industry experience, some familiarity with assessing landslides and wish to enhance and develop their field skills. The field course will be limited to 24 participants on a first come, first served basis.

There is no limit for the 1-day seminar. Please contact Darren Paul to discuss whether the AGS Applied Landslide Risk Assessment Course to be held in Melbourne is suitable for you.