Insitu Testing Practical Workshop

The Insitu Testing Day is a one day course designed to be an opportunity for attendees to try a number of techniques to evaluate the material condition via common insitu testing methods. This includes:

The aim of the day is to allow geomechanics practitioners an opportunity to experience how the tests are completed in practice, such that they are familiar with how the data reported on test reports is collected in the field and better understand when and how to specify the tests. The field day is a great opportunity for early career professionals to discuss the techniques with experienced operators, and for experienced practitioners to discuss the applicability and limitations of each insitu testing method.

The use of the Bayview Golf Club site in Mona Vale for this field day also allows a unique opportunity for attendees to witness a full-scale demonstration of each test – and is specifically designed to be practical in nature rather than a theoretical discussion about each test technique – inclusive of CPT and a heavy reaction force for completion of the PLT.

…. And the event is fully catered, so you’ll eat and drink well.

About the presenters

Dr David Lacey

Dr David Lacey Principal Geotechnical Engineer at FSG Geotechnics & Foundations, ex National Chair, Australian Geomechanics Society

David is arguably the most knowledgeable person in Australia on innovative insitu testing methods. Not only did he do his PhD and other research on them but for many years, he has been championing their use in construction projects across the country. Hence, his knowledge is both highly practical and academic – a powerful combination.

Robin Power

Robin Power Business Development & Strategy, Insitutek, and Chair, Ground Level Alliance

Robin has been advocating for the implementation of innovative insitu testing methods to help clients make better informed timely decisions for more than 15 years. Many insitu testing methods were unknown in the Pacific region when Robin started working with them. Now they are being adopted as accepted testing methods on major civil construction projects and written into specifications.


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