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Geotechnical Mapping Course

All Sessions Fully Subscribed

Course Sessions

  • VIC – Melbourne; Studley Park; March 30, 2021 Fully subscribed
  • TAS – Hobart; Waterworks Reserve;¬†April 1, 2021 Fully subscribed
  • QLD – Brisbane; Kangaroo Point; May 11, 2021 Fully subscribed
  • WA – Perth, Cottesloe Beach; May 14, 2021 Fully subscribed

The Australian Geomechanics Society will be running a one-day Geotechnical Mapping training course on the above days.

This course is intended to complement existing courses offered by the AGS. The skills developed in the Soil and Rock Logging course are directly relevant to this course and the skills developed in this course are directly relevant to the successful completion of the Geology for Engineers and Engineering Geology courses.

Aims Of The Course

Students who complete the course should be able to:

  • Recognise geotechnically significant features during a site visit.
  • Record geotechnical features on plans, sections and elevations.
  • Use standard AS1726(2017) symbols to represent features on plans.
  • Measure and record rock defect dip and dip direction using an industry-standard compass – clinometer.
  • Draw sketch plans, sections and elevations to scale, while on site.

Students will also be introduced to:

  • The importance of carrying out a desk study before visiting a site.
  • Useful geotechnical applications, available for most smartphones.
  • Working with aerial photographs for site mapping purposes.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for a broad range of technical staff that are called upon to visit sites for geotechnical purposes. Those who will benefit most from the course are graduate to intermediate level geotechnical engineers, geologists, geo-technicians and civil engineers.

Each course will be limited to about 16 attendees. Additional dates will be considered if interest exceeds capacity. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of payment.

Course Calendar And Venues

Courses will be run in a public open space. Sites are selected where there is a good range of appropriate geotechnical features; where there is shelter to escape inclement weather and toilet facilities.

Lead Presenter

Anthony Bowden will lead the courses around the country. Anthony is a member of the AGS and a Chartered Engineering Geologist with over 30 years experience in civil engineering, mining and mineral exploration. Anthony will be supported by a number of leading local practitioners to ensure that the trainer to student ratio does not exceed about 1:8.


The course will be conducted over one day at each location and will cost $495 for AGS members and $695 for non-members. Morning tea and lunch will be provided. If a course has to be cancelled and cannot be rearranged close to the planned date, all fees would be returned to the students.


The course is approved by the Australian Geomechanics Society and recognised by Engineers Australia as equivalent to 8 hours of CPD.

Enquiries & Registration

If you or your colleagues would like to attend, kindly return the registration form via email to to assist the Australian Geomechanics Society with planning

Course Programme

  • Briefing: Safety during the course
  • Briefing: Introduction to the course
  • Briefing: Introduction to geotechnical sketch plans and mapping symbols
  • Field exercise site 1: =Geotechnical sketch mapping
  • Morning tea break
  • Feedback on field exercise evaluation at site 1: geotechnical sketch mapping
  • Briefing: Introduction to geotechnical sketch sections
  • Field exercise site 1: Sketch sections
  • Lunch break
  • Field exercise site 2: Introduction to rock defect measurement and drawing sketch elevations of a cutting. Feedback on afternoon evaluation
  • Closure