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Australian Geomechanics
Number 22, July 1992

July 1992

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  • Contents, Editorial & Society Notes

  • Physical modelling of contaminant transport processes

  • Physical and numerical modelling of consolidation of mine tailings

  • Auditing of contaminated land

  • Geomembrane applications in Australia

  • Geothsynthetic containments in environmental protection

  • Landfill of aluminium smelter waste at Wallaroo, NSW, Australia

  • Co-disposal of coal mine tailings and coarse reject: A promising new technique

  • Landslide stabilisation at the Clyde Power Project: A major geotechnical undertaking

  • Measuring K₀ in the tiaxial test

  • 4th John Jaeger Memorial address: "Modelling interactive load-deformation and flow processes in soils, including unsaturated and swelling soils" (in Proc. 6th ANZ Conf. on Geomechanics, Christchurch)