Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 34, Number 3

September 1999

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  • Cover

  • Contents, Editorial and Society Notes

  • Mound Shapes Beneath Covered Areas

  • A soil based method of estimating Ys

  • Assignment of AS2870 soil suction change profile parameters to TMI derived climatic zones for NSW

  • Design and construction of a cement stabilised sandstone retaining wall

  • Prediction and monitoring of embankment performance

  • Design considerations of bridge abutment piles subjected to embankment settlement

  • Tank settlements on calcareous soils, Kwinana, Western Australia

  • Barrier and chain pillar design research outcomes: Angus Place Colliery

  • The future of offshore site investigations - Robotic drilling on the seabed

  • Technical note for estimating catch berm width

  • Clarification of discussion on "Derivation and use of expressions linking drained and undrained parameters"