Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 47, Number 4

December 2012

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  • Cover

  • Contents

  • Introduction to the "ANZ 2012 Issue"

  • Seismic performance of ground improvements on Christchurch Southern Motorway

  • Ground engineering - technology, common sense and good value

  • Experimental study of ground energy systems in Melbourne, Australia

  • Numerical modelling of ground loop configurations for direct thermal applications

  • Numerical modelling of ground temperatute evolution as a result of underground coal fire

  • Spoil piles - comparison of stability analysis methods

  • Characterisation of ground conditions in the Christchurch central business district

  • GIS-based back analysis of riverbank instability in the Lower River Murray

  • Managing a ground stability hazard in a residential area

  • Case study: Using limiting equilibrium analysis in landslide risk assessments

  • A new ring shear apparatus for the determination of the residual shear resistance of remoulded brown coal

  • Full scale testing of ground remediation options for residential property repair following the Canterbury earthquakes