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Australian Geomechanics
Volume 51, Number 4

December 2016

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  • The Seventh James K. MitchelL Lecture: Characterization of silt/sand soils

  • Evaluating effective stress parameters and undrained shear strengths of soft-firm clays from CPTu and DMT

  • Characterizing mine tailings for geotechnical design

  • New tools and directions in offshore site investigation

  • Geotechnical site investigation in energetic nearshore zones: opportunities and challenges

  • Evaluating liquefaction and lateral spreading in interbedded sand, silt and clay deposits using the cone penetrometer

  • The GP sampler: a new innovation in core sampling

  • Simulation of the cone penetration test: discrete and continuum approaches

  • Geophysical properties of soils

  • Corrigendum

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