Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 53, Number 1

March 2018

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Technical Papers

  • Guidelines for the application of effective stress principle to shear strength and volume change determination in unsaturated soils

    Nasser Khalili


  • Dealing with reactive clay soils through a national standard

    Donald A. Cameron


  • Assessment of the AS2870 standard designs for residential rafts on reactive clay

    Andrew L.E. Lochaden and Chris M. Haberfield


  • Influence of trees on expansive soils in Melbourne

    Jie Li


  • Subgrade treatment design for expansive soils in Adelaide using Australian Standard AS2870 — is this the right approach?

    P. Gibbons and S. Cowan


  • Elements of expansive clay roadway specifications

    Burt G. Look


  • Inferring soil water characteristics for Adelaide clay using fractal theory

    Sachit A.J. Desa and Brendan T. Scott


  • A chart to estimate CBR of plastic soils: A case-study from Queensland, Australia

    Ivan Gratchev, Sameera Pitawala, Netra Gurung and Errol Monteiro


  • Global survey of the state-of-the-art and the state-of-practice in Geotechnical Engineering

    Hugo Acosta-Martinez, Pierre Delage, Jennifer Nicks, Kim Chan and Peter Day