Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 53, Number 2

July 2018

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Technical Papers

  • Intrusions in the Sydney Basin with reference to the Greenacre Dyke

    H. Baxter-Crawford


  • The Newer Volcanics ‘hyaloclastite’, Melbourne: geology, geotechnical properties and engineering implications

    Alistair Schofield


  • On the resistance provided by grouted rock reinforcement to shear along bedding planes and joints

    Philip J. Pells, Steven E. Pells and Luke Pan


  • Performance of battered mini driven pile group in basaltic clays: field testing and numerical modelling

    Mahdi Disfani, Robert Evans, Emad Gad, Amirhassan Mehdizadeh and William Jennings


  • Visualisation of principal strains - applications in a strain-driven environment

    Tim Hull and Andrew Leventhal


  • Buried flexible pipes: design considerations in applying AS2566 Standard

    Burt G. Look and Don A. Cameron


  • Assessment of geotechnical conditions for bored piles during construction

    Richard Brehaut and Strath Clarke


  • An investigation into opportunities for improvement of surface mine haul road functional design, construction and maintenance

    Jarrad Coffey, Hamid Nikraz and Colin Leek


  • Shear strength characteristics of over-consolidated clay treated with GGBFS

    Mahdi Keramatikerman, Amin Chegenizadeh and Hamid Nikraz