Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 53, Number 3

September 2018

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Technical Papers

  • Use of small unmanned aerial vehicles and related digital data in geotechnical and natural hazard impact assessment

    David L. Stewart, Harry Follas, David L. Knott and Timothy Delport


  • Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) and their continuing application to geotechnical slope risk assessment and design

    Jason Hellmuth, Andrew Hunter and Andrew Barclay


  • Slope assessment in the digital age - a case history

    Drian Roos, Dewald Kruger and Robert Damhuis


  • Real-time monitoring and wireless data transmission to predict rain-induced landslides in critical slopes

    Tharindu Abeykoon, Chaminda Gallage, Biyanvilage Dareeju and Jessica Trofimovs


  • Three dimensional geological models in ground engineering: when to use, how to build and review, benefits and potential pitfalls

    Graham Rose, Philip Kirk, Camilla Gibbons and Adam Lander


  • Connecting countries with 3D geological models

    Pat McLarin and Tina Živec


  • Use of low-cost terrestrial and aerial imaging sensors for geotechnical applications

    Klaus Thoeni, Marina Santise, David E. Guccione, Stephen Fityus, Ricardo Roncella and Anna Giacomini


  • Comparison of imaging technologies for geotechnical investigation of abandoned coal mine workings: a case study

    J. A. Johnston, M. Semmler, M. Montgomery, S. Fityus, J. Lea, K. Black and S. McDonald


  • The evolution of identifying construction material sources

    James Wilson, Jason Mann, Philip Pantel and Ramli Halim


  • Digital imaging of geotechnical boreholes: benefits and risks

    Tariq I. H. Rahiman


  • Construction and preliminary testing of a homemade slope stability radar

    Raoul Falkstrom and Adrian B. McCallum