Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume G5, Number 1

December 1975

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  • Cover

  • Contents, Abstracts and Notes

  • Predicted and measured behaviour of an embankment on Boston Blue Clay

  • Experimental study of stress strain characteristics of a 'wet' clay and their relevance to settlement analysis: Part 1 - The state boundary surface

  • A rational analysis of shallow foundations considering soil-structure interaction

  • Behaviour of excavated slopes in jointed rock

  • Engineering geology of Fisher Hydro-electric Scheme, Tasmania

  • Engineering geology of Scott's Peak Dam and adjacent reservoir watertightness

  • Lemonthyme Tunnel rockfall, Tasmania, 1969

  • Engineering classification of sedimentary rocks in the Sydney Area

  • The use of the point load test in predicting the compressive strength of rock materials