Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Seminar & The 23rd Dr Baden Clegg Award

Call for Abstracts

We are delighted to inform of the forthcoming Dr Baden Clegg Award (WA) and the associated call for abstract submissions. This esteemed award aims to commemorate the enduring legacy of Dr. Baden Clegg. A venerable lecturer at the University of Western Australia, Dr Clegg has made substantial contributions to the geotechnical field. His invaluable inventions, namely, the Perth sand penetrometer and the Clegg Impact Hammer, continue to be vital tools in earthworks and flexible pavement compaction control.

On an annual basis, this award is accorded to a noteworthy young geotechnical engineer or geologist, below the age of 35. The selection is based on the candidate’s delivery of a 15-minute seminar on a topic relevant to the geotechnical field. The presentations are adjudged by an expert panel that evaluates technical content, the quality of presentation, and presentation style.

The window for abstract submissions will open on the 20th of April and close on the 24th of June. Candidates that are selected will receive an invitation to present their papers at the AGS WA chapter meeting to be held on the second Tuesday of the month; the 9th of July. A specially appointed sub-committee comprising three AGS WA chapter members will manage the selection process. They will scrutinize the submitted abstracts and nominate three to four candidates for their seminar presentations. The adjudication panel will consist of AGS WA chapter members, appointed by the AGS WA chapter committee.

The awards ceremony is set to occur on the evening of the seminar. Prizes will be awarded as follows: The first place will garner a trophy, a cash award of $1,000, and the Australian Geomechanics Journal Collection in the form of a USB device. The runners-up will receive a cash prize of $250 and a copy of the Australian Geomechanics Journal Collection on a USB device.

We extend a warm invitation to all eligible entrants to submit their abstracts, thereby contributing to the discourse in the geotechnical community. The call for abstracts is now open, and we eagerly anticipate your insightful submissions.

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