Advances in Earthquake Engineering post the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes

Dr Gary Chapman

Talking Points

Dr Gary Chapman, a principal Geotechnical Engineer with Golder Associates, has been working closely with the Golder Associates’ Christchurch office since the 2011 earthquakes.

His presentation will outline some of the learnings that have come out of the disaster and the  work that has been carried out in the design of new buildings post the earthquake and  the rectification of buildings damaged but not totally destroyed by the earthquakes.

Discussion will include a summary of the guidelines prepared for the rectification of houses damaged, but not destroyed by the earthquake, and building authority approved means of rectification of damaged buildings.

A large number of ground improvement contractors and consultants are now active in the Christchurch market, including a ground improvement joint venture involving Golder Associates and a Canadian contractor.

Various ground improvement techniques will be discussed including the pros and cons of various seismic rectification methods together with the geotechnical techniques used to assess future earthquake induced liquefaction and lateral spreading risks.

Gary ChapmanAbout Dr. Gary Chapman

Gary has more than 35 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering working as either a piling contractor or a geotechnical consultant and was awarded the prestigious Australian Geomechanics Society’s “Geotechnical Practitioner of the Year” award 2012-2014, for services to Australian Geotechnical Engineering.

Gary is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with Golder Associates in Melbourne. Since commencing at Golder Associates, Gary has taken a lead role in the design of deep foundations and basement retention structures. He is involved in leading the operations of the Golder New Zealand construction group’s ground improvement business.

Gary is one of Australia’s recognised experts in the design and installation of deep foundation systems and ground improvement. He has worked with many major contractors providing tender advice for projects providing deep foundations both on land and in the marine environment.

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