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Advances in Geotechnics of Roads and Railways



The Sydney Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) is proud to present its sixteenth annual Symposium to be held on 10 October 2012, titled “Advances in Geotechnics of Roads and Railways”.

The Symposium forms part of the continuing program of events by the Sydney Chapter of the AGS, designed to keep the engineering profession aware of recent developments in particular aspects of geotechnical practice.

Overview of the 2012 Symposium

The Symposium will present the state-of-the-art practices, innovative technologies, new research results and case histories in construction and design of roads and rail tracks substructure. This symposium will bring together researchers and engineers and particularly the broad community of geo-professionals who are interested on geotechnical aspects of transport infrastructure. The goal of this symposium is to provide professional engineers, researchers, specialist contractors, regulators, educators and engineering students the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge and experiences in road and rail geotechnics.

Possible Topics

The symposium will focus on experience and technical innovation in geotechnical aspects of transport infrastructure. The followings are some suggested topics for the symposium:

  • Novel design and construction technologies for the foundations of roads and railways Stabilisation and reinforcement of road and railway foundations
  • Numerical modelling of modern highway and railway substructures
  • Performance of ballasted rail tracks
  • Evaluation of long term performance of foundation layer materials
  • Drainage of roads and rail tracks, including environmental aspects
  • Monitoring and evaluation of road embankments and rail track substructure Application of waste and recycled martials in roads and railways Geosynthetics applications in roads and rail tracks
  • The use of new materials for transportation infrastructure
  • Sustainable development of highways and railways geotechnics
  • Advances in geotechnology relevant to roads and railways
  • Long term maintenance and quality control of roads and railway infrastructure

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