Engineers Australia

AGS 2020 Debate Night

Mark Jaksa, Rachel Nicholls, Gina Peña Rincón and Daichao Sheng

Debate topic: Is it time to start moving from conventional instruments and deterministic geotechnical design models to artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches?

It will be a lively night which starts with short talks by the expert panel on the topic and then the audience will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and raise their questions to the panel.

About the speakers

Mark JaksaProfessor of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Adelaide

Rachel NichollsPrincipal and Australasia Board Member at Arup, Chair of the Victorian Committee of Consult Australia

Gina Peña Rincón

Gina Peña RincónNSW Ground and Underground Engineering Practice Leader, Aurecon

Daichao Sheng

Daichao ShengDistinguished Professor and Head of School, University of Technology Sydney

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