AGS/Mine Subsidence Technological Society Joint Presentation

Stephen Fityus, Simon Baker, John Johnston and Sam Mackenzie

The Triennial Mine Subsidence Technological Society’s conference was held over two days in 2022 and featured many presentations of interest to geotechnical engineers. Four technical papers from the recent conference will be presented to the AGS in a joint event with the Mine Subsidence Technological Society;

Stephen Fityus

“The Morphology of Collapsed Workings Inferred from Surface Investigations”

Simon Baker

“Subsidence Prediction from Seam Convergence Data in Bord and Pillar Mine Workings below the Newcastle CBD”

John Johnston

“Mine Grouting Remediation Projects in the Hunter Region”

Sam Mackenzie

“Subsidence Features – What is ‘safe’?”

This is a joint event organised by the Australian Geomechanics Society and the Mine Subsidence Technological Society.

Engineers Australia members participating in AGS technical sessions can record attendance on their personal CPD logs. Members should refer to Engineers Australia CPD policy for details on CPD types, requirements and auditing guidelines.