AGS Perth Symposium 2024

Optimizing the Project Life Cycle: The Role of Geotechnical Professionals

The project life cycle is a dynamic process encompassing several stages, including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and decommissioning. Each phase is vital to the successful completion of the project, and the integration of geotechnical professionals during these stages can prove instrumental in enhancing efficiency and risk management, mitigating costs, reducing environmental and social impact, bolstering sustainability, and paving the path for future developments.

This symposium aims to elucidate the critical role played by geotechnical professionals by examining case studies and exploring their contributions at various stages of the project life cycle. These stages include:

  1. Desktop Studies
  2. Site Walkovers and Mapping
  3. Ground Models
  4. Planning Investigations
  5. Site Works and In Situ Testing
  6. Laboratory Testing
  7. Analysis and Design
  8. GIS Management of Data
  9. Construction
  10. Monitoring
  11. Closure
  12. Decommissioning
  13. Lessons Learned

Through this symposium, we intend to bring together engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers from the academic, industrial, and governmental sectors. These professionals will share their valuable insights on how the early involvement of geotechnical specialists can make a significant impact on each stage of the project cycle.

The symposium will also serve as a platform for fostering collaboration, encouraging discussions, learning from past experiences, and enhancing the geotechnical profession’s contribution to future developments through the project life cycle.

In light of this, we cordially invite local and national practitioners, academics, contractors, and other interested parties to submit abstracts that align with the symposium’s theme. We encourage submissions that offer innovative perspectives and novel takes on the theme, contributing to a more engaging, forward-thinking symposium. Together, let’s delve deeper into the world of geotechnics and its pivotal role in project life cycle optimization.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Limited symposium sponsorship opportunities are available and will be sold in order of company interest. For more information, please contact Andrew Lim via [email protected]


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