Engineers Australia

AGS Sydney 2016 Debate Night

syd-debate-night Debate topics

  1. Publications from academia have become almost irrelevant to industry.
    There are significant gaps between “State of the Art” from academic research and “State of Practice” adopted by practitioners in geotechnical engineering.
  2. We don’t learn from our professional mistakes. Mistakes are being buried in legal disputes.
  3. There is no positive outlook for geotechnical engineering in the next 15 years and beyond, if geotechnical engineers do not catch up with advanced technologies and IT.

Expert panel

Professor David Airey
Acting Head of School of Civil Engineering
The University of Sydney


Professor Nasser Khalili
Head of Geotechnical Engineering
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of New South Wales


Dr Richard Kelly
Chief Technical Principal: Geotechnical at SMEC
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Mr Sergei Terzaghi
Principal at Arup
Sydney, Australia



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