An evening at Broons Centre of Excellence in Rolling Dynamic Compaction

Broons Test Rig 2More than 35 years have passed since the late Graham Bowes introduced the Broons Square Impact Roller onto the world market. Rolling Dynamic Compaction, as it is now called, has become widely accepted by the geotechnical profession to fix problematic sites as they explore a wide range of uses for this specialist compaction equipment. Anywhere deep compaction is required you’ll generally find an opportunity for a Broons Square Impact Roller and Broons’ experience ranges from mining operations to large offshore reclamation projects, industrial and civil engineering developments, and in the agricultural sector.

As a proud South Australian manufacturer, Broons remains at the forefront of this technology and they have invested heavily in promoting Rolling Dynamic Compaction throughout the world, delivering their unique compaction equipment to all corners of the globe from their head office right here in Adelaide.

Under the leadership of Directors, Stuart and Angus Bowes, the company is now embarking on their largest single R&D investment – the Broons Centre of Excellence in Rolling Dynamic Compaction established at their Gillman head office. In collaboration with Professor Mark Jaksa and Brendan Scott from the University of Adelaide, Broons has recently invested close to $200,000 in its aim to further understand the performance characteristics of their Square Impact Roller.

There are already a large variety of post compaction testing methods widely accepted but Broons has identified an opportunity in the market to predict the outcome of using an Impact Roller at the feasibility or tendering stage of a project rather than simply verifying performance of the equipment after the event. This will not only provide the client with a more accurate prediction of the level of improvement expected but importantly it will also minimise the risk and so reduce the cost to the client.

Broons Test RigStage 1 of the development has involved the construction a dedicated research facility and the installation of a 1/13th scale test rig. The objective is to test a variety of materials under the influence of the miniature Impact Roller to determine depth of influence and level of improvement. Early matching of field test results against those obtained by the test rig have shown an amazing degree of accuracy and directly correlate to real life achievements.

Complimenting results from the test rig, numerical modelling is being jointly developed with the University of Adelaide to expand the research further again.

The ultimate objective is to conduct onsite training of geotechnical engineers on the benefits of Rolling Dynamic Compaction in a class room environment at the Broons Centre of Excellence, further enhancing their knowledge of the concept and increasing the opportunity for them to provide ground improvement solutions to their clients.

The evening will provide members an opportunity to see first hand the impressive research being done by Broons and the University of Adelaide and to discuss the findings with those involved.

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