Annual Field Trip: Port River Expressway

David Bartlett and Richard Cavagnaro

Construction of Stage 1 of the Port River Expressway is underway. When complete this project will contribute to South Australia’s economic development by providing new road, rail and bridge connections across the Port River, linking our export enterprises and industrial areas with key transport routes and facilities. It will also contribute to the ongoing development of the Port Adelaide area. During this trip we will inspect several sites on the proposed alignment and David Bartlett, Transport SA’s Project Manager for Stages 2 & 3 of this project, will address us on these issues. The alignment tranverses low lying country underlain by loose sand and soft clay , with a high groundwater table and subjected to uncontrolled filling. Richard Cavagnaro, who has performed much of the geotechnical and contamination investigation for this project, will address us on ground conditions and the challenges they pose for this project.

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