Applications & Benefits of Cold Spray-Applied Membranes

Phil Russell & Ben Haseler, Resin Grouting Technology

Cold spray-applied membranes are an economic and practical solution for waterproofing of buildings, tunnels, canals, ponds and reservoirs, and as gas vapour barriers over industrial sites and sites affected by landfill gases. Membrane technologies have produced materials that are easy to apply, non-toxic, odourless, solvent free, with seamless application and high strength and bonding characteristics.

The talk will briefly discuss the properties and applications of cold spray-applied membranes, and will focus on a number of interesting case studies that have benefited from this technology, including waterproofing of major canals and potable concrete water tanks, and gas vapour barriers adjacent to former landfill sites. The presentation will include video footage from recent applications at Homebush Bay – waterproofing of sheet piling for the containment of contaminated soil and groundwater), and the Condobolin gold mine – waterproofing of evaporation pond containing aggressive water conditions.

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